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»The Lighting Detectives« is a non-profit group dedicated to the study of lighting culture through practical methods, mainly by engaging in fieldwork. Cities throughout the world are filled with light. With rapidly developing economies after World War II, society became brighter and brighter, which made the night safe and provided a highly energy-efficient lighting environment. However, terms such as »light pollution« and »loud lights« are now used to describe the lit environment. Did such an increase in light actually provide us with more pleasant nights?

»The Lighting Detectives« was founded to review the present state of urban environmental lighting - to physically go out with our own feet and eyes to observe lighting in actual use instead of relying on theories, ideologies and preconceptions.

We should go to places where light is found and observe, detect, and gather many experiences to a deeper level. We should leave our books behind and go out into the world where many examples of lighting are found. Natural light teaches us many wondrous ideas/techniques and from street lighting, we learn the reality of the properties of light. With new discoveries, we continue to feel both excitement and anger. This feeling led to the emergence of a curious group called »The Lighting Detectives«.