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 Lighting Detectives in Ljubljana 2007



Detektivi svetlobe – festival svetlobe Lighting Detectives in Ljubljana 

Ljubljana ( Slovenia ), 5th – 30th June 2007

Welcome to KUD France Prešeren, Kresija gallery and Plečnik subpassage at the Kongresni trg!

Festival is titled Detektivi svetlobe (Lighting Detectives) as it's focus is on international association Transnational Lighting Detectives, whose members are actively taking part in the festival's program (exhibitions, lectures, workshop).  

With the festival we want to introduce Transnational Lighting Detectives to the audience in Ljubljana and also to raise discussion about the role of art in the urban space and role that artist can have in the co-creation of urban surrounding. Lighting design in urban surroundings is becoming an important topic in developed countries around the world. Lighting culture should also become a part of common knowledge and conciousness in our country.



Tuesday, 5th June 2007 at 9pm , KUD France Preseren, Ljubljana

Svetlobno potovanje (World Lighting Journey) - exhibition

Until 30. June


Wednesday, 6th June 2007 at 9pm , Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana

Transnational Lighting Detectives - exhibition

Until 25. June


Thursday, 7th June 2007 at 6pm , Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana

Lectures by Saiko Tanuma (Japan), Aleksandra Stratimirović (Serbia/Sweden), Deike Canzler (Germany), Federico Favero (Italy)


Saturday, 9th June 2007 at 9pm, Zvezda park (Kongresni trg) – subpassage, Ljubljana

- Starlight Party - Light-up Guerrilla – lighting installation (result of workshop)


Monday, 11th June 2007 from 10am, Galerija Kresija

- Heroes and villains of light – exhibition of results from the workshop

Workshop: Heroes and villains of light, 7 – 10 June 2007 (mentors: Aleksandra Stratimirović, Deike Canzler, Federico Favero)


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